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Thakur Sudesh Kumar Raunija, popularly known as Dr Thakur SKR, is an IITD alumnus, a prominent scientist of ISRO, an ardent author and a life coach. In scientific world, he is cited and abbreviated as TSK RAUNIJA. At present, Dr Thakur SKR is working as Sci/Engr-SF @Indian Space Research Organisation. He also currently serves as the Founder-Director of the Department of Holistic Education and Institute of Training and Research Chandigarh.

He completed his BTech in Chemical Engineering. Immediately after completion of his engineering, he joined Vikram Sarabhai Space Centre of Indian Space Research Organisation where in a short tenure, he developed 10 products (C/C Vanes, C/C Fasteners, C/C Bipolar Plate, C/SiC boundary layer splitter, C/SiC strut leading edge, C/SiC seal ring, Graphite Fixture, Carbon Fabric, HTPB based solid-propellant and M-C coatings) and led the research and development of several other products for satellites & launch vehicles. During his tenure @ VSSC, Dr Thakur also designed and developed 2 processing and characterization equipments (fiber milling equipment for fine chopping/milling of continuous fibers and permeability testing equipment for composite materials). Later in 2017, he received his PhD in PEM Fuel Cell.

In 2017, Dr Thakur SKR was promoted and designated as Head; CMP Area at the newly acquired Semi-Conductor Laboratory of Department of Space to lead VLSI and MEMS fabrication. Later in 2019, Dr Thakur SKR was promoted and designated as Dy. Head of the newly carved Quality Control Division at Semi-Conductor Laboratory.

His research interest spans materials, semiconductors and socio-educational activities. In materials arena, he has worked on carbon, ceramics, composites, coatings, slurries, metals and propellants for the realization of products for India’s strategic programmes and societal applications. His work has been majorly focused on research and development on VLSI, MEMS, compound semiconductor, fab automation, quality control & assurance. In his personal endeavour to uplift the society, in the past few years, Dr Thakur has also ventured into the socio-education arena wherein he conceptualised and fructified various revolutionary projects in the forms of Shiksha Mahakumbh and Shiksha Kumbh along with working on curriculum design, design of new courses as per need of the hour, full stack development, UI/UX, publication, media management, event management and many more. In his endeavour, he has either extensively utilized the existing industrial infrastructure in India or striven for creating new one to meet the exacting demands of these sectors which commands a special place in the technological, societal and strategic milieu of the country.

Academically, Dr Thakur SKR has an outstanding record of 56 research papers in international journals and conferences, to his credit. On technological front, Dr Thakur has filed 14 patents wherein 5 patents have been granted till 2023.In his educational endeavours; he has published17 books and is also the Founder cum Editor-in-Chief of Viksit India Journal.

Additionally, Dr Thakur SKR is very enthusiastic about brainstorming with ignited minds and guiding budding minds with startups in the fields of organic farming, electric vehicles, aerospace, edtech, e-commerce, event management, defense, semi-conductor & electronics, batteries & fuel cells, digitalization and IT. Jaivikam, Greenleaf, Organo Bites Inc, Ignited Minds, Next Planet Inc, Bodha Techforte, TREDUL, TUDU, SARVATRA, SWADESHI BAZAAR, JOBS360o, TEMPLE CONNECT, etc., are some of the prominent startups which have excelled under the guidance of Dr Thakur SKR. With a vision to initiate socio-economic reforms in society, he is leading and advising various initiatives like Vidya Bharati, Swadeshi Jagran Manch, Bhartiya Shikshan Mandal, Krida Bharti, Seva Bharti, Yog Bharti, Arogya Bharti, etc.

On a personal front, Dr Thakur SKR is an avid writer with multitude of poems, stories, novels, lyrics and articles to his credit. He also acts, directs and produces documentary movies on social issues. Having a keen interest in public speaking, he delivers lectures on variety of topics like stress management, time management, business management, relationship management, success, motivation, career guidance, national topics, societal topics, technical topics, etc. He has also delivered numerous invited talks at IITs, NITs, Central Universities, colleges and Schools across the country. He has also designed his own signature lecture series titled GetSetLive Series covering numerous topics on self-development and improvement.

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