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Personal Counselling

In present era, most of the people are affected by one or more issues like lack of confidence, stage fear, family conflicts, inner conflicts, dealing with stress, losses, feeling isolated, study related issues, behaviour difficulties, family and relationship issues, anger issues, emotional issues, parenting issues, work place issues and so on. Some of these issues may seem grave or some can be easily ignored; but ignoring can at times turn into serious problems which can hamper one’s normal living. Sometimes persons avoid seeking help when they feel unmotivated or have a vague sensation that something isn’t right but aren’t sure what it is. It is essential that they be resolved timely and that too with the help of a professional. Whether one knows what is troubling him/her or aren’t sure, a counselling professional can help in defining the problem and to work towards a possible solution. Personal counselling sessions of Dr Thakur SKR provides an opportunity to explore one’s concerns in a supportive and non-judgmental environment.
Dr Thakur SKR in his Life Counselling sessions works towards helping the client to help themselves by providing the safety of a non judgmental, confidential, objective and professional relationship. Dr Thakur SKR facilitates a client understanding of the issue, various factors, attitudes and skills related to the issue, and helps the client to work through them and arrive at more effective attitudes, skills and decisions. There are no quick fixes or formulae to be used or applied. One has to trust, invest time and take efforts to make the counselling session effective; it is a shared responsibility of the counsellor & the client. Counselling sessions of Dr Thakur SKR are completely confidential. Further, Dr Thakur SKR uses different methodologies to bring out the client from the trauma. Some of them are like, taking client for outing, lunch, dinner, playing, gaming, yoga, etc. Following are the benefits at glance a client can get after attending one or more counselling sessions of Dr Thakur SKR:

Improvement in your well-being
Development of self-awareness
Horizontal and vertical exploration of academic and career
Increase in personal and academic resilience
Overcoming the problems like anxiety, depression, etc
Development of better relationships
Healing of traumatic experiences

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