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Dr. Thakur Sudesh Kumar Raunija

Thakur Sudesh Kumar Raunija, popularly known as Dr Thakur SKR, is an IITD alumnus, a prominent scientist of ISRO, an ardent author and a life coach. In scientific world, he is cited and abbreviated as TSK RAUNIJA. At present, Dr Thakur SKR is working as Sci/Engr-SF @Indian Space Research Organisation. He also currently serves as the Founder-Director of the Department of Holistic Education and Institute of Training and Research Chandigarh.

He completed his BTech in Chemical Engineering. Immediately after completion of his engineering, he joined Vikram Sarabhai Space Centre of Indian Space Research Organisation where in a short tenure, he developed 10 products (C/C Vanes, C/C Fasteners, C/C Bipolar Plate, C/SiC boundary layer splitter, C/SiC strut leading edge, C/SiC seal ring, Graphite Fixture, Carbon Fabric, HTPB based solid-propellant and M-C coatings) and led the research and development of several other products for satellites & launch vehicles. During his tenure @ VSSC, Dr Thakur also designed and developed 2 processing and characterization equipments (fiber milling equipment for fine chopping/milling of continuous fibers and permeability testing equipment for composite materials). Later in 2017, he received his PhD in PEM Fuel Cell.


Dr Thakur is an enthusiastic researcher. His area of research is very vast. His recent area of works are carbon, ceramic, composite, propellants, metal, coatings and semi-conductor devices.

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GetSetLive is a signature lecture series of Dr Thakur SKR. In the beginning, Dr Thakur SKR designed his series on following 21 Nos. of topics wherein almost all the aspects of person and society were covered:

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Personal Counselling

In present era, most of the people are affected by one or more issues like lack of confidence, stage fear, family conflicts, inner conflicts, dealing with stress, losses, feeling isolated, study related issues, behaviour difficulties, family and relationship issues, anger issues, emotional issues, parenting issues, work place issues and so on

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Dr Thakur SKR is an ardent poet and writer. His debut book “Mohabbat Ke Chehre-Faces of Love” a compilation of his 55 poems on different aspects of love was a best seller in debutant category. His second book “Life in Wife” a collection of romantic poems was published in 2021 and well received by readers.

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Dr Thakur SKR conducts workshops on various topics of science, art, commerce and spirituality. Some of his notable workshops are as follows:

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Movie Making

Movie making was a hobby of Dr Thakur SKR, which over a period of time became his most interesting work. Dr Thakur SKR conducts workshops on movie making. He guides buddy film makers, lyrics, script & screen play writers, upcoming models, upcoming singers, and upcoming actors & directors.

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Keep it up all the best waiting for new book this story is too good dil ki bat agr koi samjh skta hai to wo acha dil jis dil me mohabbat ho in short u have also good heart to think about these lovely things

Lalita Shivshetty

New and multi dimensional theme on same topic...can be useful as the references of different emotions on love

Geetali Mazumder

You are indeed a wonderful person n a good counselor.. I like your interactive approach. The way u pay attention to hear out d problems n then guide with the best possible customized solution to it, makes it easier to face n win over adverse situation. Thanks from the bottom of my heart, for helping me out. You are doing great n keep up the good work.

Preeti Malani


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